Aakashic reading is just as it is, in the record I am reading it out. In that nobody is involved, just the independent intelligence of the cosmos, the source of the creation gives its expectation about your life, how the creator feels the life should be, what for he created, what he created. What for he is maintaining, what he is maintaining. What for he is rejuvenating and refreshing, what he is rejuvenating and refreshing.

So in this nobody is involved other than the ultimate superior, the source of creation. And please understand these readings are uneditable, unalterable. They cannot be edited, altered, manipulated. This is the command I give for Nithyananda Mission, Nithyananda Sangha forever, forever. These unedited versions of the original format of these readings should be made to available to the whole world, free of cost, forever. Nobody has a right to comment on these readings. Nobody has a right to manipulate these readings. Nobody has a right to interpret, comment these readings. They are complete unto themselves. For anybody to live in tune with the cosmos, the Jeevan Mukti, living Enlightenment does not need any special practice other than listening to these, great readings again and again and again. When you listen to these great readings, naturally your negative logic is penetrated, broken and these great truths settle in your inner space, and they make you live enlightenment.

 I know the power of happening, just now, what is happening. I thank Mahadeva, for being so compassionate and graceful for offering his very book of heart to the whole world, letting all of us to read his book of heart. What he keeps in his heart as the most sacred secret knowledge. Thank you, Mahadeva, for letting all the beings to become Mahadeva. This science will make every heart which receives will become Shiva.

Rishi means the person who sees the mantras. Mantra means, the words which shows the path to people and liberates people towards enlightenment. Shows path to the highest consciousness. I can say now starts the real Nithyananda Sangha and Nithyananda Mission. This Aakashic readings are the beginning of the Nithyananda Mission because these reading which will go on for at least 108 days will form the core. This will form the basis of Nithyananda Sangha. From these readings, the teachings Nithyananda Sangha, need to teach to the world, the classes, you need to conduct, the lifestyle you need to live, everything will evolve from this 108 Aakashic readings. Here I am just reading out exactly as the cosmos wants to present itself to all of us.

I promise there will not be anyway even the slight interpretation interference, commentary, pollution, contamination from my side into these readings. Without any fear or greed the source is opening itself to the whole world. Nithyananda should never be claimed as the author or speaker of these readings. It is only channeled through the body of Nithyananda. Let it be clearly told to the world, let it be on record, I am not the speaker, I am not the owner of these words. These words cannot be copyrighted, a pure sacred secrets of the spiritual world. It is the book of heart of the cosmos. It is from the very source of the cosmic archives. Today, Bhagwan starts with the subject Birth. Let him read out whatever he wants to read and utter. Then he will answer your questions also. So whatever Kalabhairava reads out in the morning will be the Shruti, the ultimate truths for life. Whatever he answers in the evening to your questions about direct day to day problems will be Smriti. Living those great truths in your everyday situation, applying those great truths in your everyday situation. Let Mahadeva, Kalabhairava be invoked…Shiva Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Namah Shivaaya..Shivaaya Namah…Shivaaya Namah..Shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva shiva…

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. hello admin,
    thank for the information on akashik is really wondeful..i have seen videos of akashik readings on birth and death by nityananda swami..akashik readings reveal many things which most of us don’t given information helps us to know about akashik readings..thank you

    • Please sign up for Paramashivoham program –
      It is a donation based program and you will have akashic reading sessions in it.

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